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“We are transforming the lottery sector with Blockchain and Smartcontract technology...”

Traditional lotteries have always existed but face issues driven by growing evidence of them being highly vulnerable to manipulation. Thanks to the technology Cryptomillions is based on we offer:


1) Full transparency of each transaction

2) Random Number Generation or RNG and

2) Access to crypto superstar software 2021 demo

3) Automatization of Payments and Donations


Lotteries have been around for hundreds of years, but face issues driven by growing evidence of them being highly vulnerable to manipulation.


Lottery players deal with difficulties such as:

1) Getting their printed tickets damaged or robbed.

2) Having to find a place where tickets are sold. 

3) Uncertainty on the use of funds that are donated.

4) Poor communication of drawings, dates, winners…



Cryptomillions is a lottery platform based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology that provides the most fun, secure and transparent experience while contributing to social causes. Integrating traditional lottery players thanks to our fiat gateway. Using our APP, players can play 24/7 worldwide and use our unique "Shake and Play" to pick numbers, WIN and donate to the cause they feel more connected to.



Our mission is to deliver the most fun, secure and transparent online lottery and gaming experience to our players and to contribute to social causes through donations.

Our vision is to transform the lottery sector revitalizing the core values of lotteries, with a refreshing twist of empowerment, engagement and top notch technology appealing to traditional players and new ones!



We have been working over year to make Cryptomillions an amazing company.

We believe that having a solid ground will make us grow bigger. So we have focused on developing our backend, and the MVP of our App which i now ready.

Plus we have defined our Go To Market and Financial Strategy which are key to ensure an adequate expense control with a manageable cash burn ratio.

Our first game is set to launch in Q4!


During a year we have focused on developing our backend, and the MVP of our App which is now ready. This milestone was crucial to standout from the crowd and to demonstrate our ability to accomplish what we plan.

After debugging we will launch drawings for our community, generate a POC and make final adjustments before our launch in Q4.



1) Download the Cryptomillions App.
2) Login using your Facebook, Google or email account.
3) Add balance with your credit card or
4)Select the game of your choice.
5) Select your numbers with our "Shake and Play" feature (this uses the gyroscopic function of your mobile to generate random numbers) or manually.
6) Turn on notifications and you will be notified about every drawing before it takes place. After the drawing, winners will be notified via the APP and email.






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Ramses Villela

Chief Executive Officer

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Leopoldo Osnaya

Chief Technological Officer

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Alejandra Bastón

Chief Marketing Officer

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Richard Chappetto

Member of the Board

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Miguel Sánchez

Project Manager Officer

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Alejandra Sauceda

Back-End Developer

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Alejandro Meza

Chief Financial Officer

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Daniel Santos

Token Advisor

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Verónica Andrino

Advisor Asian Growth

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Iñigo Flores

Android Senior Developer

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Jose Luis Chávez

IOS Senior Developer

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